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sSolving Common Manufacturing Challenges

Manufacturers have a tough job – even under ideal circumstances . There are so many complex steps required for a part to get into the hands of a customer . And when things go wrong , sometimes it can feel like you ’ re fighting a never-ending series of fires .
If the everyday challenges aren ’ t enough , demanding customers , supply chain disruptions , and shutdowns have forced manufacturers to adapt to change more rapidly than ever before . Instead of pushing against the same challenges , how can you break through and prosper ?
Managing a Skilled Labor Shortage
The industry has been in what seems to be a chronic skilled labor shortage . Research from a Deloitte study estimates that manufacturing may have as many as 2.4 million jobs to fill by 2028 for the US alone .
This number is unlikely to be filled in one swoop . It may be time to face the reality of learning to do more with less , but things are far from hopeless when it comes to our workforce .
Though there is a shortage of skilled workers , they are out there – and having modern technology is one way to attract the best available to come work for your business . Radwell International routinely has a flurry of resumes from younger candidates for open positions and gives their IT department credit for the high interest .
" Technology is very important to us ," explains Mike Vostenak , Radwell ' s global senior director of human resources . "( Applicants ) want to stay relevant ," he says .
" If they ' re working for a company that ' s not , then they ’ ll typically move on ." Since taking actions such as streamlining their online application process and adding short videos outlining what each role is about , Radwell has had a 30 % uptick in job applications .
Attracting job applicants is just one part of the equation . How does technology empower your existing staff and lead to less turnover ? The events of 2020 changed the workforce forever .
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