Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 47 - Page 15


BT launches transformational new security platform to predict and prevent cyberattacks

In response , BT is launching its most sophisticated cyberdefence platform yet – Eagle-i . It combines BT ’ s industry-leading network insight with advances in AI and automation to predict , detect and neutralise security threats before they get a chance to inflict damage .
The platform has been designed to self-learn from the intelligence provided by each intervention , so that it constantly improves its threat knowledge and dynamically refines how it protects customers across a multi-cloud environment .
Eagle-i will utilise an AI layer to provide real-time detection of issues and intelligent automated responses , enabling users to significantly speed up their reaction to security issues and outpace their cyberthreats .

Business and public sector bodies continue to face an exponential growth in the volume and complexity of cyberattacks , with new research from BT identifying a more than 50 % increase in malware traffic over the last six months . Alongside a global shortage of skilled security professionals , organisations around the world are struggling to keep a lid on evolving cyberthreats and maintain their defences .

It is also uniquely able to integrate with technologies from across the security ecosystem so that organisations can both optimise their capabilities and spot any holes in their defences without having to replace existing investments .
Kevin Brown , Managing Director , BT Security , said : “ Security is now at the top of the boardroom and government agenda . Eagle-i leverages the latest advances in AI and automation to continually monitor , learn and evolve so customers can stay a step ahead of cybercriminals .”

Siemens Energy partners with Google Cloud to power its next phase of sustained growth

Google Cloud and Siemens Energy have announced a new , multi-year collaboration to digitally transform Siemens Energy ’ s business infrastructure , systems and data with Google Cloud .

Under this partnership , Google Cloud will work with Siemens Energy to shift its global network of data centres into the cloud , bringing its company-wide SAP systems into a future-proof cloud environment and power sustainable Digital Transformation with the industry ’ s cleanest cloud .
“ We searched for a partner that could not only deliver availability and scalability , but also challenge us to grow beyond our comfort zone ,” said Kian Mossanen , CIO at Siemens Energy . “ We knew that choosing Google Cloud would ensure more reliability and less downtime for our systems , which is critical in the energy industry . But it was also Google Cloud ’ s collaborative and innovative culture that made them the perfect partner , as we embark on this massive Digital Transformation .”
Beginning in the second half of 2021 , Siemens Energy will migrate more than 2.6 petabytes of manufacturing , supply chain and sensor data , stored across its multiple data centres , to Google Cloud . Siemens Energy has laid out an ambitious timeline for the project , aiming to complete the majority of the data centre migrations within 15 months . Siemens Energy has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2030 , Google Cloud will support them with a carbon neutral cloud , matched 100 % with renewable energy , helping them meet the ambitious goals .
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