Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 - Page 69

EDITOR’S QUESTION CLOUD ES ///////////////// NCED MULTI- HOULD LEDGE SKS IT OSE. thods use multi-cloud er agile, cloudorms that are secure, ynamically scalable. individual applications rate cloud platforms, specific capabilities. Ultimately, the success of multi-cloud is a product of organisations’ desire to host each workload on the most appropriate platform – putting round pegs in round holes. But a balanced view of multi-cloud should acknowledge the risks it can pose. Multi-cloud management is complex and cyberthreats are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The majority of data breaches result from end-user error, and introducing multiple clouds to your infrastructure estate increases the threat vectors through which cybercriminals can target your organisation. An organisation’s multi-cloud journey has the potential to bring significant benefits but should always be taken in a manner that maintains compliance, manages governance and protects brand value from cyberthreats. INTELLIGENTCIO 35