Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 - Page 43

YOUR BUSINESS MATION WITH AN ISE DATA CLOUD riven? valuable enterprise? t holds that ld build their ed from investors flix, Google) urprise and market has on of these g insightr tech. es and dustry is lligence to power autonomous vehicles. Manufacturing companies leverage data and analytics to predict and prevent machine downtime, speeding the route of new products to market. While putting data and analytics at the center of your business strategy may sound obvious, it’s easier said than done. Digital transformation often requires a change in company culture that includes rethinking how people work with data, where it’s stored, and the tools used to access it. In fact, it can be such a struggle that many enterprises wind up stalling or abandoning their transformation strategies altogether. This whitepaper will explore some of the challenges associated with being data driven and how a new type of data platform – an enterprise data cloud – can address those issues.