Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 30 | Page 87

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Y E TA- d sources across joy a more intuitive ith fewer distinct ations to create ent a lot of time nderlying data e to optimise for analysis. With relationships, we can seamlessly bring in multiple tables, automatically aggregating at the right level of detail without any calculations or custom SQL, reducing the total number of data sources we need to manage,” said James Baker, Global Director of Business Intelligence at JLL, a leading real estate and investment management firm. “Being able to drill down within a single data source is a game-changer and enables lots of possibilities. This will provide our analysts and stakeholders with a much better experience as we’ll be able to get them the data they need in one place where they can explore at different levels of detail.” Metrics – KPI monitoring at your fingertips The introduction of Metrics gives people a simple way to monitor KPIs for their organisation, providing a custom, at-