Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 25 - Page 81

GET TO KNOW... On the lighter side of things, we ask the industry experts what makes them tick. . . . John Morrison, SVP EMEA, Extreme Networks W What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? Everything that happened at Extreme over the last four years. I was given the opportunity to reinvigorate a team that had been through three acquisitions at that point and was struggling to grow and find its identity. The way this team has come together over time to learn from each other and closely cooperate with each other has completely transformed the organisation. This gives me a huge sense of pride in my team and makes me very excited about the future of our company. What first made you think of a career in technology? I have always been interested in technology and the increasing role it plays in our daily lives. From the first computers and the proliferation of the Internet, to the explosion of connected devices and the vast physical and virtual networks that power smart buildings, organisations and cities. Working in an industry that plays such an active role in shaping the future of people’s lives is incredibly exciting. What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position? My style of management is all about coaching people and helping them along their professional journey. More than anything, I want to build a talented team and focus on creating the right environment for them to succeed in. To me, you can only achieve this if the people you manage see you as a partner, rather than just as their manager. especially in an enterprise, healthcare, educational or retail setting, have the potential to fundamentally change how organisations operate. But in order to get the most out of the plethora of IoT devices in use these days, organisations need to deploy a robust, resilient and reliable network. What do you think will emerge as the technology trend of 2020 and why? As the devices we are using are becoming smarter, so are the networks that power them. The network of the future is self- driving, self-healing and self-learning – and network automation plays a huge part in making that future a reality. It’s no surprise then that network automation driven by AI Every second, there are roughly 127 new devices that are connected to the Internet according to PYMNTS’ monthly Intelligence of Things Tracker report. These devices, “ WORKING IN AN INDUSTRY THAT PLAYS SUCH AN ACTIVE ROLE IN SHAPING THE FUTURE OF PEOPLE’S LIVES IS INCREDIBLY EXCITING. INTELLIGENTCIO 81