Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 25 - Page 60

CASE STUDY MODERN DATA CENTRE STORAGE INFRASTRUCTURE HAS TO BE BASED ON ALL-FLASH ARRAY FOR TRADITIONAL LOADS AND SCALABLE HIGH-PERFORMANCE NVME-OVER FABRIC FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE APPLICATIONS. Ethernet switches and NICs. A key benefit of NVMesh was the flexibility to choose the most suitable and cost-effective commodity hardware for Bezeq’s requirements, eliminating vendor lock-in. 60 INTELLIGENTCIO Early trials showed that in contrast to the maximum 8 Gbps throughput of the Fusion IO devices, the NVMesh environment delivered 16–23 Gbps, well above Bezeq’s requested 15 Gbps throughput. The Excelero storage also reduced run times by an average of 30% compared to the legacy all-flash array environment and, in some workloads, reduced run times by up to 90%. Replacement was simple and while formal metrics weren’t established, Bezeq’s IT team detected reduced CPU demand, helping it squeeze maximum compute power from existing resources. “The winners in the new telecoms landscape will be those forward-thinking organisations that are most effective in extracting information from their data,” said Lior Gal, Excelero Co-founder and CEO. “We are extremely proud that Excelero’s NVMesh is exceeding the requirements of Bezeq’s data warehouse and enabling the company to run its day-to-day operations with an important competitive edge.”