Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 25 - Page 52

COUNTRY FOCUS: NORDIC In downtown Helsinki, 5G smartphone users in the Maria 01, the leading Nordic start-up campus, were celebrating blistering network speeds of 2 Gbps on Telia’s live network using test frequencies in the mmWave range. This is the highest speed measured in Europe at the moment and reflects Telia’s commitment to serve the needs of the wider community. The new node provides high quality, extreme bandwidth and low latency communications, perfect to fire up and drive innovation and research. The experience is testament to Nokia’s ability to deliver ultra-high performance, which is a vital step to promote the adoption of advanced 5G use cases of the future. Telia demonstrated these new 5G use cases in Slush, the yearly start-up event held in November in Helsinki, Finland. This time visitors were able to try facial payment over 5G and experience how facial recognition could transform payment services in the future. Ari Kynäslahti, Head of MN Product Management at Nokia, said: “We’re immensely proud to be partnering with Telia on this 5G journey, and delivering the reality of high-performance and reliable 5G to end-users – particularly those Finnish enterprises that are driving innovation forward and will benefit from fast and secure next-generation connectivity.” Janne Koistinen, Director of Telia Finland’s 5G programme, said: “We’re excited to be “ RIGHT NOW, THERE IS TREMENDOUS APPETITE FOR OPERATORS TO ENTER INTO NEW AREAS AND PROMOTE THE TECHNOLOGY OF FUTURE ADVANCED 5G USE CASES THROUGH INNOVATIONS. taking this next step in our 5G deployment in partnership with Nokia, and delivering exceptional speeds and performance rarely seen before in Europe. “We want to enable our customers to use a rock-solid 5G network as the backbone of their businesses, and Nokia has been proven under demanding, high-density conditions as being a partner that Telia and its customers can fully rely on to deliver the full-potential of 5G.” Finland’s journey to 5G innovation is excelling and the country recently hosted the world’s first open 5G cybersecurity hackathon. Hackers from all over the world gathered in Oulu, Finland, to test their skills in the area of 5G and cybersecurity. Oulu, located near the Arctic Circle, is known as a global 5G and 6G hotspot and is home to the research and development of top-tier cybersecurity. The world’s first open 5G Cybersecurity Hackathon gathered 70 cybersecurity 52 INTELLIGENTCIO