Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 25 - Page 43

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FEATURE: 2020 TECHNOLOGY FORECAST that they can act autonomously but they don’t do damage to anyone else they are sharing the roadways with. We want everyone to drive on their own – and now is the time when we actually figure out how to make it happen. While Agile practices help solve problems in planning, new problems arise around GRC and activity coordination between teams. Agile practices alone can’t solve these problems but rather a system’s approach dealing with Agile and DevOps practices enable the product teams of the future. Product management will expand in caring not only about the features they deliver, but the efficiency of the software factory that produces them.” Martin Taylor, Deputy CEO and Co-Founder at Content Guru “We’ve heard a great deal in recent years about the predicted downfall of voice communication channels, but what we’re seeing now is in fact the complete opposite. The resurgence of voice-led interactions driven by home assistants and the fact Jeff Ready, CEO at Scale Computing INTELLIGENTCIO 43