Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 25 - Page 37

EDITOR’S NOTE W elcome to the first edition of Intelligent CIO Europe in 2020. A new year, and decade, will undoubtedly bring a whole host of innovative technologies and approaches. This month, we welcome NetApp onto the cover. Alexander Wallner, Senior Vice President and General Manager EMEA, NetApp, discusses the CIO’s role in delivering value within a changing cloud ecosystem as multi-cloud becomes more commonly utilised. He tells us why organisations must ensure that the management of the hybrid multi-cloud world is as easy as possible. As one of our case studies this issue, we look at how Bezeq, a leading telecommunications provider in Israel, has cut its database run times up to 90% and boosted throughput 2x–3x after deploying simple, scalable Excelero NVMesh shared NVMe storage. Igal Muginstein, Storage and Backup Team Manager at Bezeq, discusses future-proofing the organisation, as well as how customers have benefited from the solution. Another of our case studies maintains the focus of telecommunications and delves into O 2 /Telefónica UK’s software delivery using a Plutora solution. Fragmented test environments, limited visibility and duplication of time spent collaborating with diverse information are recurring issues in this sector. O 2 /Telefónica UK aimed to improve the speed and quality of application development and delivery through improved management of test environments. Turning our attention to ‘Country Focus’, this month we explore how Finland offers technology services of the future. The Nordic region is a key player in the development of Europe’s technology landscape and especially when it comes to 5G. We look at how Nokia, among other companies, is a huge contributor to technology progression in Finland particularly, shaping innovation and contributing to its Digital Transformation journey. Digital Transformation is a popular topic across the IT industry and its success is determined by creating the correct cultural conditions within an organisation and having the most efficient technology in place. Sarfraz Ali, Senior Director of Market Development at Smartsheet, discusses the key to achieving Digital Transformation in this issue’s ‘Talking Biz’. Node4, demystifies Digital Transformation and explains what yours might actually look like, as well as how to find the right path for your business. Rounding off this issue, we ‘Get To Know’ John Morrison, SVP EMEA, Extreme Networks. He tells us how he got to where he is today and how he likes to relax and unwind outside of the office. I hope you enjoy this edition and if you are interested in contributing any future content then please don’t hesitate to get in touch at: Don’t forget to check our website for daily updates at: Alix Pressley Editor Our ‘Final Word’ feature magnifies the steps needed to break your Digital Transformation paralysis. Tom Needs, COO, INTELLIGENTCIO 37