Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 25 - Page 29

INFOGRAPHIC The top-four drivers for multi-cloud: • The desire to improve efficiency and cut costs (47%) • The need to move applications and data closer to users (43%) • Safeguards against single-vendor cloud failures (32%) • The desire to access new solutions and technologies (28%) The top-four benefits for multi-cloud: • Redundancy and disaster recovery (61%) • Cost optimisation (50%) • Performance optimisation (47%) • Using the best cloud environment for specific workloads (34%) • Acquiring the necessary skills and expertise (37%) • Dealing with increased management complexity (33%) • Achieving centralised visibility and management across clouds (33%) The top-four requirements for improving multi-cloud security and performance: • Centralised visibility and analytics into security and performance (56%) • Automated tools to speed response times and reduce costs (54%) • Centralised management from a single point of control (50%) • Greater security scale and performance to handle increased traffic (38%) Security tops IT to-do list Respondents report facing a long list of challenges in managing multi-cloud compute environments, with security at the top of their agenda. The top-four challenges for multi-cloud: • Ensuring security across all clouds, networks, applications and data (63%) The top-four security specific solution needs: • Centralised authentication (62%) • Centralised security policies (46%) • Web application firewalls (40%) • DDoS protection (33%) Survey methodology In partnership with A10 Networks, the BPI Network conducted a global survey of “ 38% OF COMPANIES HAVE OR WILL REASSESS THEIR CURRENT RELATIONSHIPS WITH SECURITY AND LOAD BALANCER SUPPLIERS IN LIGHT OF MULTI- CLOUD. IT professionals and business executives to understand the state of multi-cloud deployments worldwide, including their priorities, intentions and concerns. The study includes responses from 127 participants across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Africa and the Middle East. n INTELLIGENTCIO 29