Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 97

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// t cht lk ‘HOW CAN A-I HELP YOU?’ THE FUTURE OF INTELLIGENT INTERNAL SERVICES Businesses should constantly be exploring new ways to improve their resources to allow them to work efficiently and expand alongside other companies. Expert Mark Flexman, DXC Fruition Practice Lead, DXC Technology, discusses the importance of AI chatbots and how transformative technologies such as Google Home are just the beginning when it comes to improving internal services. F or those working in enterprise businesses, it can sometimes feel like the digital revolution never happened. From requesting holiday to solving a pesky IT problem, the main channels of communication are invariably phone, e-mail, or even an in-person meeting. This does not contrast well with the modern lifestyles we lead, from hiring a cab in two taps, to making serious banking decisions with our smartphones – the ‘Uber effect’ has changed the way services are delivered. Businesses are offering these services to customers, which begs the question as to why employees aren’t given the same level of delivery internally. Alexa and Google Home are just the beginning The growth of smart speakers and personal assistants such as Alexa and Google Home shows a clear appetite for technology driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – people are happy to use a machine to ask for information and manage tasks and there’s “ RATHER THAN RELYING ON ENGINEERS, AI CHATBOTS CAN ASSESS WHAT THE PROBLEM IS BY ASKING QUESTIONS AND THEN OFFER SOLUTIONS THAT CAN BE CARRIED OUT BY THE EMPLOYEE. INTELLIGENTCIO 97