Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 88

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Software for Business Virgin Atlantic explores Augmented Reality app for cabin crew training ///////////////////////////// V irgin Atlantic is introducing innovative training technology – as part of an innovation collaboration with SITA, a leading global IT provider – that allows the airline’s cabin crew to use Augmented Reality to familiarise themselves with new aircraft. Using an iOS app, cabin crew use Augmented Reality to walk through and acquaint themselves with the layout of Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft without even visiting the airport or getting onto the plane. To complement the existing classroom-based training, this app allows crew members to see the cabin projected as a portal in front of them and are able to ‘walk into’ the cabin. The AR app simulates the full-size view of 88 INTELLIGENTCIO the interior cabin, giving crew a feel for their new working environment, including accurate spatial awareness. This allows the airline to train crew on new aircraft in a fun and engaging way from the airline’s headquarters in Crawley, London. Augmented Reality presents several interesting use cases in the air transport industry, ranging from sales, training, operations and improvement to the passenger experience. SITA Lab, SITA’s strategic technology research arm, and Virgin Atlantic have teamed up to identify and test some of the more promising use cases, starting with the crew training app. Don Langford, CIO of Virgin Atlantic, said: “Today, innovation is the lifeblood of a modern airline. New technologies such as Augmented Reality hold out the promise to better manage our airline operations while providing an enriched experience to our increasingly tech-savvy passengers. SITA has long been a partner in exploring the frontiers of technology and this AR application is no exception.” Gustavo Pina, Head of SITA Lab, said: “SITA Lab has identified Augmented Reality as one of the emerging technologies that will benefit the air transport industry in the years to come. Working with pioneering airlines such as Virgin Atlantic makes it possible for SITA Lab to really explore the potential of Augmented Reality and evaluate its business benefits. This project is a vital step in that journey of exploration.” n