Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 70

CASE STUDY SECURELINK PROVIDED THE PERFECT SOLUTION, OFFERING MANAGED SECURITY SERVICES FROM SECURELINK’S CYBER DEFENCE CENTRE (CDC). “This choice has resulted in almost no network downtime. No incidents have been recorded and the solid preparation of changes sent from the NOC is noticeable. Our uptime is outstanding.” had one gate requiring clearance. Today you can compare us to an airport terminal with several gates and an exposure to many more risks. That is why we must be prepared for possible security incidents to the fullest.” Challenge two: Digital = more security risks Cyber Defence Centre (CDC) The drawback of increasingly digital work is a rise of associated safety risks. With security precisely being Baloise Insurance’s core business, which includes processing large amounts of confidential data on a daily basis, managing this risk is essential. This can be achieved by scanning all systems. But continuous security monitoring is a complex and time-consuming matter. It is nearly impossible to keep doing this in- house or independently. Hulshof said: “Ensuring safety – on a technological level as well – is crucial for our company. But we are well aware that 100% protection does not exist. In the past we only 70 INTELLIGENTCIO The design of suitable systems (such as SIEM) is only the beginning – the knowledge and expertise to correctly interpret and analyse the incidents 24/7 is also required. SecureLink provided the perfect solution, offering managed security services from SecureLink’s Cyber Defence Centre (CDC). “SecureLink not only installed the required technology but, thanks to its CDC, specialised security analysts monitor all incidents or related events remotely. They provide advice on the appropriate actions to take. This enables us to focus on services that really matter to our customers,” said Hulshof. “Straight away, this expertise is one of the biggest advantages of the long- term partnership with SecureLink. The collaboration with SecureLink has been ongoing for about 10 years with systematic extensions along the way. “Today, leveraging the SecureLink CDC, Baloise Insurance has far faster access to the right competencies and technological solutions to meet the needs of customers and employees. “We are a European company represented in different countries. If you can work together with another European partner such as SecureLink, with operations at a European level offering the same high-quality security service everywhere, then that is a huge advantage,” said Hulshof. n