Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 65

CASE STUDY a site authority who might be a human resources manager, a home manager, hospital director or the head of a school. Site authorities access the Service Manager self-service catalogue where they can choose from a menu of service requests and track their service requests in a single view. “The self-service portal is very well-used,” she said. “We have dealt with 2,500 service requests since our go-live date in August 2016.” The Priory uses automation to speed the delivery of a broad range of IT service processes. One of the first workflows to be automated was a new user request, either for an employee or a service user. The request encompasses multiple steps such as setting up user accounts and access, configuring applications, and streaming tasks to infrastructure and purchasing teams as required, all of which are now sequenced appropriately. The user reaction has been positive. “We got very good feedback on the new user request process from the site authorities,” she said. “Everything they needed was in one place. And that was a real time-saver when there are in excess of 50 new-user requests a day.” Prior to Service Manager, the site authority filled out a form, but IT often had to call back to get more information. The service desk had tried to accelerate the painstaking manual process by creating tickets for other teams to complete the request. “Sometimes one request could generate five tickets all for different teams, so each could progress their part separately. It was confusing for our users and for us.” “With Ivanti Service Manager, we’re 90% better than we were before,” said Sarah. With Service Manager, The Priory has a platform that will scale and adapt as its business continues to expand and as it matures its IT service management processes. The service desk handles about 400 tickets a day and the volume is growing. Clair Dunn, The Priory Group’s IT Director, commented: “Implementing Ivanti Service Manager has increased the efficiency of the IT team, consolidating processes and supporting us in our ISO27001 accreditation, which we achieved following the implementation.” Intelligent CIO Europe spoke with Clair Dunn who expanded further on the benefits of the Ivanti solution: Can you explain how the ticketing system works and what it deals with on a daily basis? The Priory Group’s IT helpdesk receives over 400 new Incidents and Requests each day from our users working in hospitals, care sites and schools owned by the group. Their IT issues can include anything from first line password resets up to third line network outages. We are the ‘one-stop shop’ for all IT service needs and with Ivanti Service Manager, we can quickly and effectively allocate tickets to different teams and automatically alert the IT helpdesk of any outages or high-priority tickets. We are constantly evolving and finding new ways to streamline how each of our teams work – an out-of-the-box software solution that fits a helpdesk team won’t necessarily fit a purchasing team, but with Ivanti Service Manager we have been able to include the changes needed to make the solution work effectively for everyone. How did you assess which solution – out of the three being evaluated – best suited for the organisation’s requirements? Our current ticketing system was out of support so anything we purchased had to have an established, secure company behind it. Those we chose to review were measured against ‘industry standards’ and they were all recognised names. Another consideration for us was that their support desk should operate in our time zone and that communications and physical visits could be arranged easily. We also required a product that ran in an Internet Explorer window rather than an installed client, as well as on servers where the specification was known in advance so that we could factor this into our costs. We had strong ideas about what we wanted and although we accepted they wouldn’t all be available out-of-the-box, the product we chose had to ‘hint’ at the possibility of achieving all our requirements. It was only Ivanti that was able to provide a sustainable sandbox that we could work in to develop ideas and explore. What specific requirements did you have when looking for a solution? Any solution we chose had to provide the benefits of our existing helpdesk ticketing software at the bare minimum. The obvious parts of this were: ticket creation via email, portal and telephone services, and automated responses returned to the customer when they made a request. Furthermore, we specifically have the concept of Site Authorities at The Priory Group. Site Authorities can authorise things to be done, created or changed for their sites where it is inappropriate for those things to be requested by any member of staff. Examples would be new account creation or purchases of equipment (or anything with a security or fiscal nature). How does the solution improve efficiency? Our site authority systems means we don’t have to waste time emailing different people to receive approval on higher level requests. RESEARCH SHOWS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON IT SECURITY THREATS IS USERS SHARING PASSWORDS, OFTEN DUE TO FRUSTRATIONS ASSOCIATED WITH INEFFECTIVE IT SUPPORT. INTELLIGENTCIO 65