Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 57

COUNTRY FOCUS: PORTUGAL application. Easy to use and with an interface adapted to a children’s audience, from nursery age to 12-year olds, the NOS Kids App fosters standalone use by children while giving peace of mind to parents by delivering access to contents with language and messages that are appropriate to young people of these ages. and associating an avatar. The app also asks that parents give the dates of birth of their children and the age classification of the contents to be shown to the child. NOS can thus ensure that the environment and contents of the Kids area allows the children to enjoy a unique and personalised experience in a secure setting. In order to ensure a personalised and controlled use of the app, the parents set up their children’s Kids profile on accessing it for the first time (a profile can be set up for each child), by defining a username With an eye-catching and intuitive interface, the NOS Kids App uses icons to allow for ease of use, particularly for children who don’t yet know how to read. Access to paid contents is only possible using a PIN code set up by parents, as is the case for renting and buying films from the Video Club. Using this new application, children can access thousands of cartoons from children’s channels shown over the most recent week, Video Club films or subscribed content packs such as NOS Play, Mini NOS Play and Disney on Demand. If they haven’t finished watching a programme, they can come back later and watch it from where they left off, while they can also mark programmes that they have not already seen. n INTELLIGENTCIO 57