Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 55

COUNTRY FOCUS: PORTUGAL “ IT IS ESTIMATED THAT THERE WILL BE MORE THAN 370 MILLION IOT ELECTRONIC DEVICES IN THE AREAS WHERE VODAFONE OPERATES BY 2020 IN THE CONSUMER MARKET ALONE. connecting to the Vodafone IoT network. It has automatic movement detectors and night vision, as well as being able to save the videos it records on the cloud. Its battery lasts approximately one month and is ideal to monitor holiday homes V-Pet: A device that allows you to locate dogs and/or cats through a combination of GPS and the mobile network. Smartphone alarms can be received when the pet goes outside a defined safety zone. Furthermore, the pet’s activities can be monitored, registering how many minutes per day it spends sleeping, running and even playing V-Bag: A device with a GPS locator for any kind of bag, such as a travel bag or backpack, helping to reduce the risk of theft or loss. Customers can set up a smartphone alarm to be notified if the bag leaves a designated area, or to find it if it has been lost INTELLIGENTCIO 55