Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 54

COUNTRY FOCUS: PORTUGAL The telecommunications industry in Portugal is fast developing and people are embracing new IT services such as Vodafone Portugal’s ‘V by Vodafone’ IoT solutions and NOS’ first ever TV app for children. Telecom companies are developing the consumer market and enhancing business opportunities with such technologies. ///////////////// Telecoms target Portuguese consumers with new developments V odafone Portugal has announced ‘V by Vodafone’, a new category of IoT products that have the main goal of transforming the lives of the Portuguese people, making their everyday life more productive. Vodafone thus becomes the first operator in Portugal to provide a range of IoT technology solutions for the end-user. Through V by Vodafone, the ‘world of things’ will be converted into intelligent and connected items, managed through a single app from which customers can control all of their IoT devices. In this move, Vodafone is focusing on safety in mobility and localisation, and has unveiled four products: 54 INTELLIGENTCIO V-Auto: This device was designed by Vodafone Automotive, in Italy, and is connected to the car’s OBD socket (a standardised socket which is present in all cars sold in the European Union from 2003 onwards). Once installed, V-Auto is powered by the car battery and is always linked to Vodafone’s mobile network, adding the following functionalities: • Auto SOS: In the event of an accident, the driver is immediately contacted by the assistance services. If the phone is not answered, the closest emergency services are deployed and support is sent to the accident location. The Auto SOS function was designed in response to the safety regulation imposed by the European Union for new cars sold from 2018 onwards, to guarantee this system is available for millions of older vehicles that do not have this technology installed • Find my car: Allows car owners to locate their vehicle immediately using the V-Auto app on their smartphone • Safety score: Awards the driver a score depending on their driving. Ideal to help new drivers or less experienced drivers improve their driving V-Cam: A HD camera that functions while you are on the move by automatically