Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 52

CIO OPINION “ NOT HIRING SOMEONE BASED ON A SUPERFICIAL BASIS WILL ONLY RESULT IN THE COMPANY MISSING OUT ON GREAT TALENT. 52 INTELLIGENTCIO their recruitment opportunities to a wider audience, searching for a balance of not only qualifications, but experience that demonstrates determination, loyalty, ambition and passion. When sifting through CVs, some of the most important things I look for are how long the candidate has spent in their previous role and what interests they have outside of work. Granted, triathlon experience in practice may only pay off on the annual work sports day, but it’s the transferable skills behind that experience – resolve, persistence, hunger – that will go a long way in any business. Perseverance in particular is an attribute I have found to be a key to success. I once interviewed a candidate for a sales role – during the interview, she told me she didn’t want a base salary, simply 100% commission. A bold statement, but one that demonstrated an extremely high level of confidence in her ability to fulfil the job role requirements. When you find those kinds of people, you need to snap them up quickly before someone else does. Another crucial point to consider is that the best candidates don’t always come from the traditional interview-based hiring route.