Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 49

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Technology is helping organisations to stay competitive and as it becomes a more integral part of business strategy, it directly impacts and transitions the role of the CIO as Dalibor Siroky, CEO and Co-Founder at Plutora explained: “The role of the CIO has always been to oversee the use of IT across the entire business. They have to understand the details of what it takes to run every area efficiently, how each area fits together, and prioritise suitable technology to streamline and optimise strategic business benefits. “But, like almost every job in technology, the role of the CIO has changed dramatically over the last few decades due to the rapid development of innovative technology. Previously, CIOs would have been responsible for managing Systems Administrators for example – who maintained the hardware that the business relied on. In today’s digital world where DevOps and software are driving business results, CIOs’ focus is less on rooms filled with server racks and more on development projects and software, the speed of releases and the collaboration between a range of IT teams working in sync to ensure that the processes run smoothly. While the objectives of the business may not have changed too much, the technology being used to achieve them has and it’s the job of the CIO to ensure that these needs are consistently met and exceeded.” FEATURE: STATE OF THE CIO Transformation Hearing directly from the CIO at Zerto, Avi Raichel, transformation has an important part to play: “The CIO role is now about driving transformation; not only do you need to be open to things always changing, you need to love it. “One such transformation that CIOs should be driving is the move to simplify each organisation’s technology portfolio – which is something I’m advocating for my team. When it comes to meeting rapidly growing data protection concerns, as well as succeeding as an always-on business, this means searching out converged solutions INTELLIGENTCIO 49