Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 30

TRENDING can’t. We cannot proceed as a society without learning, drawing conclusions and changing the way we operate, whether this is for a business or public authority. This is why it’s vital to improve data quality, or risk falling behind and failing to adopt revolutionary technology.” IoT in the home As well as the automotive and the healthcare industry, the home is also set to be transformed by IoT. Smart locks are used for security, while other IoT devices control thermostats, lighting and cameras. However, the research revealed that 83% of consumers are concerned about losing control of their Smart Home due to digital performance problems. More specifically, the survey showed: • 73% of consumers fear being locked in or out of the Smart Home due to bugs in Smart Home technology • 68% of consumers are worried they won’t be able to control the temperature 30 INTELLIGENTCIO in the Smart Home due to malfunctions in Smart Home technology • 64% of consumers fear not being able to control lights in the Smart Home due to glitches in Smart Home technology • 81% of consumers are concerned that technology or software problems with smart meters will lead to them being overcharged for gas, electricity and water Anderson concluded: “The old ways of managing IT and software simply don’t work against this extremely convoluted IT environment. IoT creates many blind spots and an additional layer of complexity. That’s why the early, successful IoT adopters take the view that AI is the answer; to make sense of the complexity, map the IT environment end-to-end, pick up problems immediately and with precision, and offer up answers for fast resolution. That’s the only way to master the IoT era, which is already upon us. Consumers want perfect IoT experiences. Become masters of this new IT universe or you’ll miss out on the opportunity IoT presents.” n Dave Anderson, Digital Performance Expert, Dynatrace