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Cylus selected to join the Thales cybersecurity programme in Paris

Cylus , the provider of specialised cybersecurity solutions for the evolving railway , has announced its selection to the Thales cybersecurity programme in Paris , taking place at the new 34,000-squaremetre Station F campus . Thales chose 11 candidates from a large pool of applicants to participate in its prestigious cybersecurity programme . Over a period of six months , Cylus will be working closely with Thales ’ ground transportation activity , a global leader in signalling technology .

“ We were greatly impressed with the professional team and technology at Cylus ,” stated Jean-Yves Plu , Thales VP Digital Ecosystem , who led the selection of the startups which joined the programme on September 5 . “ Our Team is impatient to start working with Cylus , leveraging both its technologies and expertise to create value for the benefit of our customers in the transportation field .”
As public transportation becomes increasingly reliant on connected technologies , with billions of passengers and trillions of dollars at stake , ensuring the resilience of rail infrastructure is vital . Cylus equips mainlines and metros with ground-breaking and effective technology to protect their critical systems from railspecific cyberthreats .
“ Cylus is thrilled to build strong ties with Thales to explore product synergies and joint offerings , while exchanging domain knowledge in rail technology and cybersecurity ,” said Amir Levintal , CEO of Cylus . “ Collaborating with Thales and utilising its expansive installed base , global footprint and technical expertise facilitates a win-win scenario for rail customers and for both companies .”
Inaugurated only one year ago , Station F is the largest startup campus in the world . The campus includes office space for 1,000 startups in addition to tech giants , such as Facebook and Microsoft .

Gogo 2Ku aims for high-speeds on board Air France


Gogo Inc , a leading global provider of broadband connectivity products and services for aviation , has announced that Air France has launched a commercial service on its first two aircraft – an Airbus A330 and a Boeing 777 – to be equipped with Gogo ’ s 2Ku high-speed satellite connectivity system .

“ Air France has reached an exciting milestone as it brings its first Airbus and Boeing aircraft online , giving its passengers access to high-speed Wi-Fi on long-haul flights ,” said John Wade , President of Commercial Aviation at Gogo .
“ As we continue to install aircraft with 2Ku , we remain highly focused on performance in order to provide a great experience on every aircraft , every flight .”
Installations are underway for the balance of Air France ’ s long-haul fleet of 83 aircraft .
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