Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 104

FINAL WORD “ ORGANISATIONS NEED TO BE LOOKING AT CLOUD-CENTRIC SOLUTIONS WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AS OPPOSED TO QUICK FIXES THAT SAVE COSTS. Originally, transformation was as simple as getting the right technical people involved in the organisation to shuffle deckchairs around. In the early transformation waves, outsourced people were brought in-house, companies were moving from near-shore to off-shore, all with the aim of delivering quick cost saving wins. However, these initiatives were not delivering long-lasting effects and the technological landscape has matured to the point where that level of effort for fast wins is no longer sufficient. 104 INTELLIGENTCIO Through the enhanced use of new technologies, the world is a different place and there are several factors that are pushing transformation forward in the digital age. One of these is the way in which business is changing and how people want to work. Over the last decade, employees have become increasingly location-fluid, with many wanting the opportunity to work from the office, their home, or the coffee shop around the corner. Embarking on the digital transformation journey is key in making this happen. Indeed, one of the biggest, well-known benefits of migrating to the cloud is the flexibility and mobility it brings to a business. It allows employees to work where and when they want or need to – which means, when done right, employees have the opportunity to work remotely and businesses have the ability to open up necessary branch offices quickly and easily, each with little impact on business performance.