Intelligent CIO Europe Issue 10 - Page 103

/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// FINAL WORD How digitisation has influenced IT transformation The road to Digital Transformation is heralding new challenges for businesses as they move towards the age of cloudification. Louise McCarthy, Zscaler, Consultant and former HSBC COO, explains how cloud compliance can prove beneficial for companies in this high-tech era. D igital Transformation is fast becoming a ‘must have’ as opposed to a ‘nice to have’. However, many long-serving IT professionals struggle to embark on the transformation journey. Many IT leaders have gone through various cycles of transformation in various organisations, so they are reluctant to start again, especially as the current digitisation differs considerably to past transformation waves. The maturity level of transformation, as well as their themes and drivers, have adapted over time. None of the previously implemented changes are anywhere near as complex as the experiences companies face nowadays when preparing for the age of cloudification. Today, too many stakeholders within an organisation must be gathered around the table to drive the current change process effectively. It is not only the business division asking for a new software; IT and network infrastructure teams must get involved, as well as security and legal functions in order to align policies. Business leaders need to be convinced by the ROI of the modern transformation with a long-term view on the benefits before they are willing to face the disruptive forces that are involved in transformation today. INTELLIGENTCIO 103