Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 83

FINAL WORD changes in systems , including a huge rise in cloud adoption , greater financial pressure and a struggle to find talent .
4,500 laptops , 2,500 servers and I have 7,000 assets total on my network . However , it also shows that I have 15,000 active IP addresses on the network .
These changes have led to a larger attack surface , more vulnerabilities and exploits , more tools and alerts , and smaller , more overworked teams . Meanwhile , attackers are more evasive and more sophisticated in their infiltration methods .
Analysts at Gartner predict that nearly half of cybersecurity leaders will change jobs by 2025 due to mounting stresses and burnout . Part of the problem , as highlighted by Gartner VP Analyst Paul Furtado , is insider risk and the fact that traditional cybersecurity tools lack the ability to provide visibility over threats not only from outside but within the network .
It is true that oftentimes our attack surface is far larger than we assume . Let ’ s say I ’ m leading a security team and I ’ m responsible for taking care of 4,500 employees . I have an asset register that has logged
It ’ s not an uncommon statistic to only see 50 % of assets logged as endpoints , with the additional IP addresses routers , switches , printers , cameras , telephones and other services . These additional IP addresses could be personal devices on a guest network , cloud computing services and container workloads – or even traditional server application services that are running hosts of activities that aren ’ t being monitored . Security teams are now tasked with defining vulnerabilities within each of these items and executing controls in those environments .
For instance , closed operating systems don ’ t allow endpoint control measures , but an attacker can still leverage it for an attack . As a result , having a full depth of view is critical and this is where technology solutions can shine .
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