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SUNeVision wins InnoESG Prize – Sustainable Technology Award 2022

SUNeVision , a leading data center provider and connectivity hub in Hong Kong , has been recognized as an InnoESG Prize – Sustainable Technology Award 2022 winner – making it the only data center company to receive the honor .

The InnoESG Prize co-awarded by SocietyNext Foundation , UNESCO HK Association Glocal Peace Center and Rotary Action Group for Peace is a significant recognition of Environmental , Social and Governance ( ESG ). It acknowledges companies that have demonstrated clear and measurable results on ESG and encourages businesses to incorporate ESG targets into their core values .
The award is solid evidence of SUNeVision ’ s effort on ESG management .
SUNeVision firmly believes ESG management is essential for achieving both business and community long-term development .
On environmental protection , SUNeVision has set targets of achieving an overall Coefficient of Performance ( COP ) of five or above for its chillers by the year 2030 , which will result in a substantial decrease in carbon intensity for data center cooling .
Solar panels are also installed at MEGA Plus data center to improve power usage efficiency and reduce carbon footprint .
With ongoing green commitments and measures introduced , SUNeVision was awarded the CLP Renewable Energy Contribution Award , China IDC Industry Best Data Center Provider ( Overseas ) Award as well as certified for LEED Gold and CLP Retro-commissioning Charter Program In addition , the data centers on MEGA Campus , including MEGA Plus ,
MEGA Two and the most carrier-dense colocation site in the world MEGA-i have also received the highest Excellent grade in the management aspect of BEAM Plus Existing Buildings V2.0 Selective Scheme issued by Hong Kong Green Building Council ( HKGBC ). BEAM Plus is Hong Kong ’ s leading initiative to offer independent assessments of building sustainability performance .
The recognition demonstrates that SUNeVision ’ s energy-efficient and sustainable data center management practice is reinforcing environmental commitments and supporting customers ’ sustainability journeys in pursuit of a greener future .
“ The InnoESG Prize – Sustainable Technology Award 2022 has proven that SUNeVision has incorporated ESG values into our business and day-to-day operations , as well as our technological innovation for sustainable development ,” said Raymond Tong , CEO at SUNeVision Holdings Ltd .
“ SUNeVision excels at ESG performance particularly in environmental protection . The award solidifies that SUNeVision not only acts by regulatory requirements , but also emphasizes the sustainable developments of its business and operations .”
SUNeVision also enables the sustainable growth of the data center community . To foster a better and more sustainable digital future for Hong Kong , SUNeVision launched the Hong Kong Chapter of Infrastructure Masons ( iMasons ) to aggregate collaborations and give back for next-generation talents . p


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