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Infinera and Arelion confirm record-setting transmission

Collaboration represents a significant milestone in the evolution of coherent optical solutions .

Infinera and Arelion have confirmed a record-setting transmission of 400 gigabits per second ( 400 Gb / s ) wavelengths using a QSFP-DD pluggable coherent transceiver over 1,800 kilometers ( km ) of SMF-28 fiber in a live production network .

This milestone in point-to-point optical networking was achieved by leveraging Infinera ’ s ICE-X 400G ZR + intelligent pluggable coherent transceiver across Arelion ’ s production transmission network on routes between Dallas , Memphis and Chattanooga .
Architect at Arelion . “ We were early investors in optical pluggable components to drive demonstrable value and cost-efficiency for our customers . Lab trials with perfect fiber are one thing . But we are not afraid to test these pluggables in live networks over the same fiber we ’ re using for live traffic , so we were happy to demonstrate the realworld potential of Infinera ’ s new coherent pluggable technology when implemented through Arelion ’ s open and disaggregated network architecture .”
“ Through collaboration with Arelion , this record-breaking achievement represents a significant milestone in the evolution of coherent optical solutions ,” said Tom Burns , General Manager of the Optical Modules and Coherent Solutions Group at Infinera . “ The trial demonstrates the level of performance that can be achieved in a QSFP-DD form factor powered by Infinera ’ s ICE-X technology and coupled with the power of open optical networking principles applied in Arelion ’ s live network .” p
In addition to the record-setting performance at 400 Gb / s , the field trial demonstrated the powerful programmability of Infinera ’ s ICE-X intelligent pluggable coherent solution .
By adjusting the modulation of the optical signal in the same pluggable coherent solution , the companies also demonstrated long-distance performance at 300 Gb / s and 200 Gb / s using a QSFP-DD pluggable .
These achievements were made possible by leveraging Arelion ’ s open and disaggregated networking approach over its live network with concurrently deployed wavelengths , including those of third-party solution providers .
Disaggregation will enable Arelion to continue to integrate the latest optical pluggable components to dynamically scale its network and provide its customers with cost-efficient , high-capacity bandwidth services over long distances . “ We are pleased to once again partner with Infinera ,” said Georgios Tologlou , Senior Network
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