Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 53


The state of cybersecurity in the APAC data center market

Ian Lim , Field Chief Security Officer , Asia Pacific , Palo Alto Networks , explores the possible repercussions of cybersecurity incidents on data center players in the APAC region , given the increasing importance of data centers for storing and analyzing large volumes of data . He discusses the security posture of data center operators in Asia and the possible ways in which they can protect themselves from cyberattacks .


What are the possible repercussions of cybersecurity incidents on data center players in the region ?
The APAC region could generate 6,000 terabytes of data per second by 2025 as per a recent report . Developing digital infrastructure like data centers will remain critical to storing , processing and analyzing large volumes of data for customer insights that will enhance business value .
Data center players are also leveraging recent innovations like IoT and automation to increase their efficiencies . They are also catering to savvy customers that want access from anywhere , at any time and from any device . While these innovations offer competitive advantages , they also create a larger attack surface , which can translate into increased complexity in cybersecurity .
Data centers store a treasure trove of personal , confidential and financial information about their customers , stakeholders and employers . Criminals can exploit such information , costing businesses millions of dollars to investigate and remediate . It ’ s important to remember that data centers are valuable targets for cybercriminals and nation-state-backed hackers . In many cases , the attacks aim to steal or even destroy data .
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