Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 51

• Developing a world-class self-driving solution package by combining SAPEON ’ s semiconductor chip for autonomous driving , software technology of Phantom AI , a company SKT decided to invest in , and SKT ’ s experience acquired through the operation of Nugu Auto – an AI platform for automobiles .
SKT is also talking about ifland , a metaverse service that takes customers beyond limitations of time and space .
With over 2,500 partners and four million monthly active users , ifland has grown into Korea ’ s representative metaverse service optimized for virtual gatherings .
SKT intends to shape ifland into a global leading social metaverse platform by evolving it into a 3D spacebased social networking service in April , expanding ifland ’ s economic system through the adoption of a content marketplace and Web3 system – increasing partnerships both home and abroad – with ifland having gained a bridgehead into the European , North American and Asian markets by signing MOUs with global telcos including Deutsche Telekom , T-Mobile US , Axiata and CelcomDigi .
In the cloud business , SKT is creating synergies with Bespin Global , a top Asian managed service provider , by cooperating with OpsNow to jointly develop an AIbased cloud management platform .
In cooperation with Korean AI software company Konan Technology , SKT is working to expand into diverse industries , including robotics , media , data analysis , commerce , airport and manufacturing , with AI video , Machine Learning and digital twinning .
The company is also collaborating with Swit , a global work OS solution provider with a base in Seoul , to integrate internal and external services including MeetUs and Toktok , conduct joint marketing leveraging sales capabilities of SKT and SKB and advance AI technologies .
This year , the company plans to launch an AI-based open subscription commerce platform to recommend what customers want through hyper-personalized marketing based on lifecycle data – allowing partners to manage and supply products on the platform .
“ SKT ’ s AI innovation in the five areas is aimed at realizing ‘ AI to Everywhere ,’ which refers to applying AI to every part of our lives ,” said Young-sang . “ Our ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone can benefit from AI .” p
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