Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 41

“ Spark is now in a strong position to invest for future growth .”
5G Standalone is an integral element of Spark ’ s high-tech portfolio – which extends beyond traditional connectivity and ICT into areas including IoT , data and AI , and digital identity .
Though Spark has rapidly matured its high-tech capabilities over the last three years , the technologies are still , at this stage , operating largely independently of each other .
The strategy represents a rapid acceleration of convergence which is about bringing these different technologies together to solve business problems where it was not possible , or cost effective , to do so in the past .
In 2021 , Spark announced it would invest an additional NZ $ 35 million to accelerate its 5G rollout , boosting total mobile connectivity investment to NZ $ 125 million in FY22 and delivering 5G coverage to approximately 90 % of the population by the end of calendar year 2023 – assuming the necessary spectrum was made available by the New Zealand Government .
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