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IDC paper pitches the projected extent of Digital Transformation across the region over the next five years .

An IDC paper , commissioned by Lenovo and AMD , shows that with the rapid Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific ( AP ), organizations are expected to generate as much as 43 % of the revenue from digitally connected products , services and customer experiences by 2027 .

The CIO Technology Playbook is a study of over 900 CIOs and IT decision-makers in AP . The results reveal concerns among CIOs around macroeconomic factors affecting business growth in 2023 and early 2024 .
For 53 % of respondents ‘ high inflation ’ is the topmost concern in 2023 ; half ( 50 %) of the CIOs ranked ‘ high energy prices ’ and ‘ escalating raw material prices ’ as the other key challenge areas .
“ The upcoming year is predicted to be a challenging one with economic fluctuations and the acceleration of Digital Transformation . IT leaders in Asia Pacific are consequently putting more of an emphasis on streamlining processes and utilizing technology to optimize resources and increase business agility , so they can react quicker to the changing needs of the industry ,” said Sumir Bhatia , President – Asia Pacific , Lenovo ISG . “ In response to the evolving market , businesses in the region are prioritizing Digital Transformation and modernizing legacy IT infrastructure ,” he said .
Peter Chambers , Managing Director , AMD Asia Pacific and Japan , said : “ It is absolutely essential for business leaders to stay on top of technology trends in order to stay competitive in today ’ s hyper growth environment . AMD has played a critical role in the transformation process of multiple organizations over the years and we are thrilled to be a part of this joint initiative with Lenovo .”
The study further highlights that IT decision-makers are actively looking to leverage technology to optimize their supply chains and improve asset utilization , agility
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