Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 34 | Page 12


F5 safeguards A / NZ with new AI-powered app and API security capabilities

F5 has announced new security capabilities to give customers across Australia and New Zealand ( A / NZ ) comprehensive protection and control in managing apps and APIs across data center , cloud , hybrid and edge locations .

Specifically , new Machine Learning enhancements provide F5 ’ s cloud security portfolio with advanced API endpoint discovery , anomaly detection , telemetry and behavioral analysis . As more transactions and customer engagements occur through digital channels such as web and mobile apps , organizations are seeking better solutions to provide secure experiences for their end-users and maintain their trust . With APIs as the building blocks of modern web and mobile experiences , protecting these assets is the cornerstone of securing digital services .
F5 customers can now strengthen their security posture with a continuously improving analysis engine and unified policy enforcement . These capabilities enable secure app-to-app communications through validated and monitored APIs , reducing the time security teams spend correcting false positives and accelerating time-to-deployment for new services . The enhancements , as well as new managed service offerings for enterprises and service providers , accelerate the momentum of F5 Distributed Cloud Services , introduced in 2022 and bolstered by the recent launch of multi-cloud networking solutions .

Rackspace Technology and inPhronesis modernize email infrastructure and optimize knowledge management portal

Rackspace Technology , a leading end-to-end multi-cloud technology solutions company , has announced working with inPhronesis , a biomedical software company , to modernize the company ’ s email infrastructure and optimize the knowledge management portal . The biomedical software expert manages the data and intelligence that drives the management of pharmaceutical companies with Microsoft 365 .

inPhronesis was designed by competitive intelligence ( CI ) consultants to track large amounts of ever-changing data for competitive and business intelligence ( BI ) inside the pharma and biomedical industries . The company ’ s mission is to offer clients a streamlined interface with custom functionality for their business intelligence . The software development company was founded in 2019 in Orlando , Florida , to allow users to configure enterprise-level solutions that make their customers ’ lives easier .
inPhronesis ’ main product , inVision , is software that delivers essential insights into the biomedical industry . The application is a hub of client information used by over 3,500 pharmaceutical and medical technology professionals to stay up to date on the industry . The system sends out multiple daily alerts reporting on different markets , classes of drugs and advancements at various companies .
Rackspace Technology was tasked with helping the inPhronesis IT team map out a plan for integrating dozens of different applications and tools and account for managing mobile Windows , iOS and Android devices used by employees in the field .
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