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INDUSTRY WATCH with their previous legacy backup solution and the system virtualization success that ’ s supported by Veeam , Dhipaya Insurance decided to switch to Veeam Availability Suite , a data protection solution that could meet all the company ’ s needs .
Dhipaya Insurance implemented Veeam to back their essential system data up , including enterprise resource planning ( ERP ), customer relationship management ( CRM ) and almost all the company ’ s other systems . Veeam currently backs up about 50 TB of data across 300 virtual machines ( VMs ) on almost 95 % of Dhipaya Insurance ’ s IT systems .
“ After choosing Veeam to be our IT partner , we have been able to lay a framework to set a new strategy , and we were able to see clear results immediately ,” Viboonkitchod said . “ While we initially chose Veeam based on its reliability , Veeam has also been able to meet our requirements for product efficiency . The time we spend on IT work has decreased , and this has led to cost reduction while our operational performance increased .”
In addition to reliability and product efficiency , flexibility was another benefit that Dhipaya Insurance saw when they began to use Veeam Direct Restore to AWS . “ Veeam can integrate and perfectly back AWS data up . We don ’ t have to do much beyond simply enabling it ,” Viboonkitchod said .
“ Veeam also has the technology for monitoring work to reduce the burden on administrators that makes the team ’ s work easier , reduces the burden of data checking and produces and stores reports for audit checking , which improves the company ’ s confidence in another way .
“ In the future , the importance of technology to Dhipaya Insurance will increase and we have a roadmap with Veeam that ’ s in line with our company ’ s direction .
“ We no longer wait for risk to occur ; rather , we proactively choose to reduce the likelihood of it happening at all , and that ’ s how we can build business confidence .”
The results
Backup times reduced by 50 %
Previously , it took six hours for Dhipaya Insurance to back its data up , per system . With Veeam , this time was cut in half , even when the company had to perform a full backup on all of its systems at the same time . This meant that production performance wasn ’ t interrupted , and the system in question can still support customers 24 / 7 without system downtime due to maintenance .
At least 40 % in immediate cost savings
“ Veeam ’ s method of calculating costs is simple and covers all the work from the beginning ,” said Viboonkitchod . “ We didn ’ t need to keep paying extra fees for full usage , so our costs could be managed accurately , so we made at least 40 % in immediate savings .”
99 % increased IT department efficiency
At Dhipaya Insurance , an IT performance framework was created so that all operations could be carried out continuously at high efficiency . By working with Veeam in setting up its backup strategy , the company experienced better-than-expected results .
Dhipaya Insurance ’ s data backup and recovery was 99 % more effective , even though an enormous amount of data from its major systems was backed up every two to three hours . Availability was also 99 % more effective , even when recovery time objectives ( RTOs ) and recovery point objectives ( RPOs ) was set at a maximum of 15 minutes . When recovery was actually tested , it took much less time than expected . p
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