Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 30 - Page 24

It ’ s clear from this research that cyberattacks continue to produce large impacts against global organizations and the effects are compounding . ability to recover critical data and business applications after a cyberattack
• 69 % of survey respondents reported their organization is likely to consider paying a ransom following a cyberattack
• 8 % of IT and security leaders said they had not adequately addressed vulnerabilities from previous cyber- events ransomware events ( 29 %) as the top threat for the year ahead
Organizations are losing confidence in their ability to withstand attacks :
• 95 % of respondents are concerned they will be unable to maintain Business Continuity if they experience a cyberattack
• 23 % of respondents believe their board of directors has little to no confidence in their organization ’ s
The weight of cybercrime is taking a toll :
• 92 % of respondents reported experiencing significant emotional or psychological consequences following a cyberattack , ranging from worries over job security ( 44 %) to loss of trust among colleagues ( 31 %)
• Approximately 39 % of respondents reported leadership changes as a result of a cyberattack
• Approximately 24 % of leaders surveyed said their IT and SecOps teams were either somewhat
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