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Dhipaya Insurance is a casualty insurance company that provides four main categories of insurance : car insurance , fire insurance , health insurance and miscellaneous insurance .

Adapting doesn ’ t just mean buying modern technology but finding the right technology to avoid falling victim to ransomware and to counter the increasing risk of cyberattacks where cybercriminals knew the importance of data as part of compliance regulations .
Dhipaya Insurance has been in business for 70 years and found much success in its ‘ Trust & Simple ’ concept . ‘ Trust ’ refers to the company ’ s strong shareholder structure , which includes the government sector and state enterprises , and ‘ Simple ’ means enabling customers with easy access to services through state-of-the-art technology .
Technology is a driving force behind rapid change , one of which is consumer behavior . Nowadays , most products and services are transacted online most of the time . This means that Dhipaya Insurance must continuously keep up with these changes by using technology that meets increasing demand and complies with legal requirements while still being aware and prepared for the ever-increasing risk of cyberattacks .
To ensure Business Continuity and efficiency , a backup solution that securely protects and recovers systems and data securely is essential .
The business challenge
Dhipaya Insurance , one of Thailand ’ s casualty insurance giants , was facing major digital disruption due to the increasing number of customers that want to conduct business transactions online . Because of this change , Dhipaya Insurance wanted to make sure it adapted effectively to these changes in customer behavior .
“ Corporations need to study the risks as well as legal requirements to ensure that their business has exponential growth ,” said Surachai Viboonkitchod , Director of Information System and Network Administrative Department at Dhipaya Insurance .
“ We wanted to become a digital insurance company leader so choosing the right and cost-effective technology is extremely important . In order to provide our customers the best customer experience with innovative products that meet their needs , protecting personal data is an important goal for the company .”
“ Data is at the heart of our business . We need to be confident in our data backup availability in case any of our data is damaged or lost . This is of utmost importance because compromised data can cause disruptions to our business operations , which would lead to enormous loss . We need a solution that can safeguard our data and keep business operation risk at a minimum .”
The Veeam solution
Dhipaya Insurance found Veeam at an IT seminar almost 10 years back when they were looking to virtualize their systems . The company decided to go with Veeam since it could meet their needs at that time .
It is important to choose the right data backup service provider that offers ease-of-use and flexibility that is backed up by a team of skilled support personnel and resources . Because of the company ’ s poor experience
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