Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 30 | Page 51

PT ALTO Network has accelerated its growth for the past four years . Even as the company scales out its digital platforms , the Veeam solution helps it ensure that data protection processes continue to run smoothly and efficiently .
“ Over the last four years , our IT team has grown from two to eight full-time equivalents [ FTEs ],” said Wuntoro . “ If we still relied on data protection processes using old methods , we would need 20 to 30 FTEs to do the same task as we do now .”
Moreover , PT ALTO Network is already finding innovative ways to reuse its backup data to enhance availability .
“ We were facing an intermittent stability issue with one of our VMs , which proved tough to pin down ,” said Wuntoro . “ Using the Veeam solution , we cloned the server and restored it to a range of different hosts , helping us diagnose and fix the problem . We are confident that Veeam Availability Suite will play an important role as PT ALTO Network strives to become Southeast Asia ’ s most reliable payment infrastructure provider .”
The results
• 90 % faster VM restore times , minimizing disruption in a recovery scenario . The company can now restore its services without manually rebuilding VMs , reducing the business impact of unplanned downtime .
• 5x faster backups help the company meet data protection SLAs . “ If we didn ’ t start nightly backups exactly on time , there was a risk we wouldn ’ t complete them within the available window ,” said Wuntoro . “ Faster backups give us plenty of headroom to re-run backups if needed .”
• 83 % reduction in daily backup management work , helping to keep headcount lean . PT ALTO Network reduces the manual effort required to protect its IT environments , helping the company optimize its headcount even as its infrastructure grows .
Beni Sia , Vice President of South East Asia and Korea ( SEAK ) at Veeam Software , said : “ We are committed to helping our customers redefine the way they protect and manage their data through Veeam ’ s innovative and future-ready solutions .
“ We recognize the importance of empowering our customers to accelerate their backup and data protection processes . Particularly in the financial services sector where large volumes of critical data are at stake , robust backup solutions must be implemented to minimize downtime .
“ We are excited to work with PT ALTO Network as their trusted partner and provide them with the modern data protection solutions they need to become the most reliable payment infrastructure company in Southeast Asia .” p
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