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“ We felt that Veeam offered the best local support , which was extremely important to us ,” said Wuntoro . “ As well as scoring highly with trusted analysts like the technological research and consulting firm Gartner , the solution is fully certified by VMware – a must-have for PT ALTO Network .”
Working with Veeam , the company ran a proof of concept ( POC ) to test how quickly it could back up and restore its systems . Based on the success of the POC exercise , PT ALTO Network engaged Veeam to deploy and configure the solution to protect all VMs across its business .
About PT ALTO Network
Founded in 1994 , PT ALTO Network is a payment infrastructure service provider in Indonesia that provides secure payment technology supporting interbank ATM ( Automatic Teller Machine ) and / or POS ( Point of Sales ) transactions across Indonesia . Managing over 25,000,000 transactions per month , the company also delivers digital payment services for B2B clients .
“ Towards the end of our POC , one of our servers suffered a crash ,” said Wuntoro . “ Fortunately , we ’ d already backed up the VMs using Veeam . We restored the system into production with just a couple of clicks . That positive experience convinced us that Veeam Availability Suite was the right choice for our business .”
Today , PT ALTO Network uses the Veeam solution to back up 300 VMs in its on-premises environment . By deploying the solution on top of its VMs , the company avoids the need to procure additional hardware , helping to reduce operational costs .
“ We can now orchestrate all our backups from a single point of control – cutting our management activities from three hours to just five minutes per day ,” said Wuntoro . “ Veeam saves us time and helps us ensure that we are meeting our availability and data protection SLAs . For example , we now trigger backups automatically and receive instant alerts if they don ’ t complete successfully . If we need to restore a VM , it ’ s faster and easier than ever : from five hours before to as little as 30 minutes today .”
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