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The tactics employed by cybercriminals are not only becoming more sophisticated , but increasingly aggressive . The tactics have advanced considerably to now include impersonation and emotional manipulation . So , what can be done to fight back ?

Learn to spot the tell-tale signs
If it looks suspicious , it probably is . So often these scams are full of grammatical and spelling errors , unrealistic but tempting offers , and questionable links . However , they can also be incredibly well-crafted and difficult to identify as fraudulent . It ’ s best to open a new browser tab and search for the website , promotion or content referenced .
One of the most important things to remember is that phishing attacks don ’ t only occur via email . Growing in popularity is phishing via SMS , known as smishing , which is proving successful as a means for criminals to lure victims into clicking on dangerous links . These must be viewed with the same level of skepticism . Search for the company and promotion in a separate browser link , and never click on the link from a text message .
Visibility over your information
It ’ s almost impossible these days to do anything online without your data being collected and stored , and that problem is only going to intensify as expectations for digital experiences continue to grow . Given the breadth of personal information to which hackers can now gain access , more accurately targeted phishing attacks , known as Spear Phishing , are a growing concern . By using sensitive information , attackers can convincingly trick people into believing the legitimacy of these scams .
While it ’ s easy to dismiss necessary action on the part of the individual , relying instead on organizations to prioritize security and have measures in place to protect your information and data , maintaining full awareness and visibility over your personal information is critical .
The best defense is a good offense
The entire cyber landscape is evolving at an unprecedented rate . We ’ ve seen this across every element of cybercrime , and phishing is no different . Cybercriminals regularly adapt and update their tactics to out-pace mitigation efforts and stay ahead of the game .
Keeping as well-informed as possible on the latest tactics and trends is fundamental to ongoing protection , as it is adapting your approach to managing the potential risks . Ensuring that the security software is continually ( preferably , automatically ) updated is easy to overlook , but crucial .
An adjustment to mindset is arguably the most important step in fighting back . As the quest for connectivity and digital acceleration increases , security must remain front-of-mind to guide our online movements .
The tactics have advanced considerably to now include impersonation and emotional manipulation .
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