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A new report from Rubrik reveals the sheer volume , variety and veracity of cyberattacks are taking a psychological toll on organizations including those in Singapore .

IT and security leaders in Singapore must address , on average , one cyberattack per week according to a new study released by Rubrik Zero Labs , titled The State of Data Security . Rubrik , a Zero Trust data security company , commissioned a study from Wakefield Research to gather insights from more than 1,600 global security and IT leaders including CISOs , CIOs , VPs and directors – including 125 respondents in Singapore .

The findings exposed rising security risks for organizations , resulting in widespread damage to organizations and their IT and security teams . Key Singapore findings from The State of Data Security by Rubrik Zero Labs include :
Cyberattacks continue to surge in volume and impact :
• Nearly every leader surveyed experienced a cyberattack over the past year and on average faced 55 attacks in that timeframe – or nearly one cyberattack per week
• 53 % reported a data breach and 59 % reported facing a ransomware attack in the past year
• Only 9 % of organizations were able to return to Business Continuity or normal operations within one hour of discovering a cyberattack
• 49 % of IT and security leaders reported being concerned about data breaches ( 20 %) or
In addition to this rise in frequency and impacts of cyberevents , the individuals on the front lines are taking a psychological hit on their well-being .
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