Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 30 | Page 21

LATEST INTELLIGENCE levels for a short period of time , the cabling will likely fail at the most inopportune times , causing significant problems to a smart building ’ s physical safety posture .
Power Over Ethernet Sourcing Shortcomings
Physical security devices including ultra-highdefinition ( UHD ) and pan / tilt / zoom ( PTZ ) cameras push the capabilities of power delivery over copper cabling far beyond traditional PoE devices . In some instances , problems can occur with PoE delivery of these devices that can either shutdown the physical security device – or significantly degrade their capabilities . Troubleshooting these types of problems without the proper test equipment can be time consuming as the problems can be related to many different factors including the cabling itself , the power sourcing equipment ( PSE ) or the endpoint .
Exceeding Cable Distance Limitations
Smart building security devices and IoT sensors often stretch physical cabling distance limitations . Because security cameras and sensors are deployed at entryways , rooftops and parking areas , cable installers sometimes must extend cable runs to their maximum . This in turn can cause intermediary issues when transporting Ethernet frames or when attempting to deliver PoE to far-off endpoints . p
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