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INDUSTRY WATCH to add additional users and onboard data without involving the data team . investing in the best-of-breed technologies that will help us achieve this goal .”
“ As well as removing technical barriers , Snowflake is really helping us to change the data culture across our business ,” said Kechayas . “ Better data visibility and access means people are more likely to make use of data in new and innovative ways .”
Snowflake has also delivered performance improvements for the company . The main sales dashboard report , which used to take three hours to run each day , can now be completed in just nine minutes .
Talent recruitment
Deploying Snowflake has also contributed to MYOB becoming an attractive place to work for data engineers and analysts .
“ Competition for the best talent is strong and we are always looking for ways to strengthen our team ,” said Kechayas .
“ Working with technology solutions like Snowflake shows that , as a company , we want to solve the right problems in the right way , and have a strategy of
MYOB is also looking forward to getting even more value from the new Snowflake platform in the months and years ahead .
“ For us , the barriers to making use of data have been removed ,” said Kechayas .
The MYOB deployment comes at a time when new research from Snowflake recently found that only 41 % of Australian businesses surveyed say the ‘ majority ’ of all their decisions are currently informed by data and 60 % of businesses can ’ t easily access all available data through a single system or application .
Indeed , only 6 % of businesses surveyed use , access , and share data and data services in a way that provides them with all the business benefits provided by a robust data strategy .
Just 55 % of businesses surveyed say that sharing can happen freely in their organization , failing to break down internal data silos , impeding data sharing and collaboration across an organization ’ s business units . p
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