Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 28 - Page 59

CASE STUDY before they reach a user . We can ’ t expect humans to spot the difference between a real and a fake anymore – it ’ s not sustainable .
Can you explain how the deployment of Darktrace Antigena has freed up time for your IT team ? How have you been able to benefit from this ?
A number of years ago , the day-to-day of a security analyst was manual and laborious . They would try to predict what threat actors could do on their network and then put these rules into their firewalls . They would spend hours trawling through logs and installing patches .
Darktrace ’ s active , defensive use of AI with Antigena has changed the role of our security team fundamentally , freeing up humans to focus on business communication and remediation plans to make the overall environment more resilient in the future – making sure that the team delivers more value to our internal and external stakeholders .
How has Darktrace ’ s AI allowed you to provide a better level of protection for ( a ) your customers and ( b ) your employees ?
Darktrace AI empowers bespoke , comprehensive , always-on and continuously evolving security to keep the lights on . For our customers , this means that we can continue to deliver on our promise of providing the services they entrust us with , even if an attack was occurring on our systems .
For our employees , a weight is lifted from their shoulders . When it comes to something like phishing emails , training on how to spot these is important but we simply cannot put the onus on humans to spot these well-researched , targeted email attacks . With AI in place , we ’ re stopping these threats before humans have to deal with them .
Why did you choose to work with Darktrace ?
As we embarked on rapid Digital Transformation we knew that we needed security technology that aligned with our security strategy and is capable of dealing with scale and complexity . Siloed , static security tools were rapidly becoming obsolete in the face of dynamic ways of working . What ’ s more , we needed a technology that can deal with novelty – attackers think like enterprises and are constantly finding new entry points and methods of attack .
In response to the demands of this new landscape , Darktrace has invented a fundamentally new approach to cyber-defense , powered by AI which detects and autonomously responds to cyberattacks based on what it knows to be ‘ normal ’ operations . It is constantly learning from new activity and data and builds greater cyber-resilience over time .
Darktrace ’ s AI-led approach , combined with the technical and advisory support they have offered us , has resulted in a tangible improvement to our business and security operations . p



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