Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 28 - Page 42


A LARGE MAJORITY OF ORGANIZATIONS GLOBALLY BELIEVE THEY WILL ADOPT CLOUD SOVEREIGNTY TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS ( 71 %) OR TO BRING IN CONTROLS AND TRANSPARENCY OVER THEIR DATA ( 67 %). versus 64 %). However , they are also expecting more data-related benefits from sovereign cloud than private organizations .

Fostering collaboration and data-sharing ecosystems
The report also indicates that , while meeting highest regulatory concerns and data security requirements , organizations are looking at cloud sovereignty to unlock the benefits of the cloud for them , including better collaboration , increased data sharing , greater trust and opportunities for innovation .
Over half ( 60 %) of organizations believe that cloud sovereignty will facilitate sharing data with trusted ecosystem partners and 42 % of surveyed executives believe that a trusted interoperable cloud service can help them to scale new technologies such as 5G , Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and the Internet of Things ( IoT ).
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