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CASE STUDY immediately able to work from home and access the same , centralized management system .
“ The fact that ebs is in the cloud was fantastic for when we all needed to work from home during lockdowns ,” said Cordwell . “ We didn ’ t have that option with our old system . If staff and teachers were stuck at home with their own IT equipment , they could still access ebs and Ontrack to perform their usual tasks . Also , when they did have work equipment , it was just a really simple setup to access ebs and ontrack . You ’ re not having to download a database / system to your laptop , everyone can access the system via a url link .”
2 . Flexibility to deliver remote learning . ELPNZ could quickly respond to the changing needs of its staff and learners , with new ebs features to track and manage group sessions taking place virtually .
About English Language Partners New Zealand
The vision of ELPNZ is to support former refugees and migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds to participate in all aspects of life in New Zealand through the provision of English language learning programs .
Approximately 6,500 learners are involved in the language programs each year . These are delivered by more than 300 paid staff and 1,000 trained volunteers .
About Tribal Cloud Services
Cordwell said : “ I think one of the great strengths of ebs and Ontrack is that they are adaptable , flexible and in the cloud . Nothing is certain in the pandemic and there have been several changes that have come along affecting business processes for us , so it ’ s fantastic that ebs and Ontrack have kept up with our needs .”
3 . Adaptability to expand student reach . Prepandemic , ELPNZ was a 100 % in-person education organization , but it now offers both online and face-to-face programs to learners located anywhere in the country and has the tools within ebs to manage this growth .
The results
As an organization in the education sector , ELPNZ was well equipped to handle the challenges brought about by the pandemic , and the organization is now future-ready . ebs delivered in the cloud provides the flexibility , agility and technological
Tribal Cloud Services enables organizations to move their Student Management System to a managed service . Its expert team can take care of the day-to-day running of their systems to handle all the demands of the modern institution , freeing you and your team to focus on strategic projects and the things that matter most .
Its Cloud Delivery solution reduces any security , availability or peak usage concerns thanks to an architecture purpose-built for student information systems , allowing teams to work remotely and still deliver exceptional education experiences .
advances that has allowed a small team and no dedicated IT department to quickly adapt to the changing landscape .
“ I feel that whatever the future brings we ’ re ready with the Tribal products that we ’ ve got ,” said Cordwell . p
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