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TradeWindow standardizes on Nintex Promapp to support global growth

Nintex , the global standard for process intelligence and automation , has announced that software company TradeWindow has rapidly deployed Nintex Promapp to support its recent expansion and to prepare for ambitious international growth .

“ When a business is growing quickly , it ’ s critical to have well-documented processes in place ,” said Andrew Balgarnie , Chief Revenue Officer , TradeWindow . “ This provides clarity across teams , particularly with new staff members , on how processes operate and ensures clear lines of communication .”
As an early-stage software development company , TradeWindow provides digital solutions to exporters , importers , freight forwarders and customs brokers . The software delivers back-office productivity gains , connectivity with supply-chain partners and visibility of how products are moving through those supply chains .
Rapid growth demands standardization With its headquarters in New Zealand ,
Andrew Balgarnie , Chief Revenue Officer , TradeWindow
TradeWindow also has significant operations in Australia and Singapore . During the past three-and-a-half years , the firm has grown significantly . The Nintex Promapp deployment project began in late 2021 and took just eight weeks to complete and make full use of the platform .
“ You can imagine the growth pressures we experienced during this time ,” said Balgarnie . “ People were pursuing a range of objectives and operating in different ways . We knew this needed to be addressed before we grew any larger , which is when the decision was made to deploy Nintex Promapp .”
Having Nintex Promapp in place has also helped the team at TradeWindow as it works towards its listing on the New Zealand Stock Exchange , since fully documented risks and processes are a basic requirement for a listed company .
Focus on value-adding tasks
With Nintex Promapp fully operational and all core processes fully mapped , TradeWindow is realizing significant business benefits . Activities are now conducted consistently across all locations and a number of previous inefficiencies that existed have been removed .
“ Where teams are no longer caught up in administrative tasks , we actually found that energy can be refocused to better serve our customers ,” Balgarnie concluded . “ With Nintex Promapp in place , we now have the platform that can help us achieve this goal .” p
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