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Macquarie Data Centres and ResetData bring new data center technology to Australia

Macquarie Data Centres , part of Macquarie Telecom Group , has signed a multi-year deal with ResetData , an Australian-first provider using Submer data center technology .

The partnership will see Submer cooling technology used in Australia for the first time , exclusively . Compared with traditional water and air-cooling technologies , Submer ’ s immersion cooling can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 45 % and creates zero wastewater .
It also reduces the physical footprint by up to 90 % and the heat generated by the infrastructure can be 99 % recycled . Globally , Submer has partnered with tech giants such as Intel and Dell . that governments are leveraging the most efficient data center technologies .
“ It ’ s in projects like these and the investments hyperscalers are making , where we see the beginnings of the metaverse – a virtual world with which people engage through digital avatars – take shape .
“ Very few people and companies are thinking about the underlying infrastructure needed to power this new virtual world , including data centers which are the heart of it and without these considerations , the real world will suffer .”
Macquarie Data Centres Group Executive , David Hirst , said the partnership expands the service offering at the Macquarie Park data centre campus . “ Our partnership with ResetData enables increasingly important technologies such as GPUaaS to drive Australia ’ s digital economy ,” he said . “ It ’ s good to see how technologies come to market which enable the digital applications of the future .” p
ResetData will provide Disaster Recoveryas-a-Service ( DRaaS ) housed in Macquarie Data Centre ’ s sovereign facilities . The company is targeting growth within government , gaming , video production , rendering and other data-heavy industries needing to balance cost , environmental concerns and fast-rising compute needs .
ResetData Co-Founder and Managing Director , Bass Salah , said the technology enables efficient GPU-as-a-Service ( GPUaaS ), which will be a game changer in 3D rendering , architectural design services , cloud gaming and even institutional Blockchain . Beyond Blockchain , he also sees the technology as a cornerstone to enabling the metaverse .
“ As an example , the New South Wales Government is building a Digital Twin of the entire state ,” he said . “ It will replicate all levels of infrastructure , street scale and built environment in a single pane which requires significant processing power once this becomes completely populated . It ’ s vital
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