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Michel Feijen of MetricStream
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Michel Feijen of MetricStream

wWhat would you describe as your most memorable achievement ?

Just four years into my career , I was tasked with setting up a new business unit in Malaysia for a large industrial manufacturing organization . After working out of the company ’ s Singapore office for approximately 12 months , we realized the results were not as expected .
Hence , I was asked to set up a new division in Malaysia , where the focus was on developing the local market to a double-digit share of the overall SEA market within the first year of operation .
Despite being just 27-years-old at the time , living on a new continent , with limited work experience , I took up this challenge with plenty of enthusiasm . Ultimately , I set up a team of 30 people over nine months and achieved the target ahead of the anticipated start date .
What first made you think of a career in technology ?
But I enjoyed my job a lot . Interacting with a diverse
set of clients and colleagues was a great learning experience . I even liked the non-engineering part of it . I realized that finding ways to deliver value for clients was my strength and continues to be a motivating factor for me .
What style of management philosophy do you employ with your current position ?
I like to give people the freedom to perform at their own accord . Although this is my overarching philosophy , I ’ ve found that guidance is instrumental , especially for those who are new to the organization .
My aim as a manager is to coach my employees to a point where they can embrace their own individual freedom and creativity to perform as they are meant to .
Through this all , I still like to be involved in my team ’ s day-to-day activities . When I think some guidance is needed , I will chime in and offer my feedback . This has not always been my management style , though .
After university – where I studied electrical engineering – I completed my Dutch national service . When my service time ended , I attended a career fair where many companies were looking for new hires .
I was an officer , and the aforementioned industrial manufacturing organization had an appetite for young people with leadership skills . Thankfully , my skillset and experiences made me the ideal candidate , and I was hired as a project manager . Interestingly enough , this role had very few touch points with my university studies in electrical engineering .
When I was younger , I tended to be more of a micromanager , but I ’ ve since learnt that you bring out the best in people by giving them more leeway to be their best selves .
What do you think is the current hot technology talking point ?
Not surprisingly , given the events of the past two years – namely the pandemic and intense cyber-risk climate – governance , risk and compliance ( GRC ) are becoming major talking points in boardrooms .
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