Intelligent CIO APAC Issue 25 - Page 53


Navigating data sovereignty in a cloud-first , remote working era

Data dependent organizations cannot outsource responsibility for the confidentiality , integrity and availability of their critical data to a third-party cloud provider . So , Brian Grant , ANZ Director , Thales Cloud Security , asks once companies have made the jump into cloud , how do they land safely ?

In the wake of the global pandemic , companies across every sector moved hundreds of millions of employees to work from home . At the same time , they were being challenged by customers for digitally delivered everything . Business leaders reacted with quick , bold decision-making to survive in a fastmoving environment , and many jumped straight into cloud delivered digital services . the flexibility to truly work from anywhere is proving beneficial to employees and a model that many expect to become the norm .

Many companies migrated at speed over the last two years , leaving control as an afterthought . But there ’ s no point being the fastest car on the racetrack if you crash on the first corner .
Almost overnight , cloud became the backbone of the work-from-anywhere workforce .
Balancing speed and control
A Covid-catalysed surge towards a ‘ cloud-first ’ approach should not be viewed as a bad thing . In fact ,
One thing many cloud-first businesses are still navigating today , as cloud and hyperscale services mature , is the complexity of shared responsibility . Despite deploying to the cloud , businesses are still responsible for protecting the security of their data and identities , on-premises resources and the cloud components they control .
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