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How data center operators are shifting towards sustainability

Hitesh Prajapati , Country Manager of Vertiv Singapore , tells us how data center operators are shifting towards sustainability to reduce their environmental impact .

henvironmental impact .

How can data centers contribute to climate action ?
Data centers have had an extraordinarily high reliance on power from traditional fossil fuel fired plants until recently . As a key step towards climate action , some data center providers and the hyperscale tenants are pivoting towards renewable energy to reduce the
For example , Amazon recently became the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy to support its offices and data centers . Some of the large corporations have committed to reducing the carbon footprint in all aspects of their operations as part of their goals to be net-zero in the next 8 – 10 years .
Along with energy source , data centers can reduce their carbon footprint through efficient usage of the energy by lowering the power usage effectiveness ( called PUE ) inside the facility .
How can providers address the increasing needs of both Digital Transformation and climate change ?
Climate initiatives are starting to be at the forefront of many corporate priorities . In fact , according to a recent survey conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics , 73 % of executives they surveyed said their organizations have set a net-zero carbon emissions goal .
In that same survey , however , while 86 % of companies stated they have a sustainability strategy , only about 35 % of those surveyed have taken action on that strategy . Challenges include resistance from customers , technology barriers and even regulatory barriers .
The key is to have a fundamental approach to sustainability that integrates within the core operations of the company . While companies can start in small steps , the key is to take action now to better prepare for the future .
As one of the major consumers of energy , data center providers can take a more proactive role in minimizing their carbon footprint such as shifting from traditional fossil fuel-based energy and select energy options with greener , renewable sources .
Some examples of these include retrofitting existing sites or utilizing energy optimization services to identify energy saving opportunities in an existing data center . For new sites , consulting with an expert service
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