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MetCom and NextNav have announced a commercial agreement for the nationwide deployment of 3D geolocation services in Japan , starting with the rollout of the Pinnacle vertical location service .
MetCom will start commercial operations in October 2022 following the successful pilot in Tokyo this past year . The Pinnacle service will first be deployed in the densely populated Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan areas , with a plan to expand coverage to major cities across Japan in 2023 . Pinnacle will enhance the experience of geolocation services from two dimensions to include a vertical third dimension , and will serve unmet needs in both public and commercial sectors .
Fortinet , a global leader in broad , integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions , has announced a collaboration with Singapore ’ s Quantum Engineering Programme ( QEP ) to support Singapore ’ s National Quantum-Safe Network ( NQSN ) project .
Funded by the National Research Foundation , Singapore ( NRF ), the NQSN seeks to develop an ultra-secure communications and services infrastructure to safeguard digital transactions against sophisticated cyberthreats .
Representatives from Fortinet and the National University of Singapore ( NUS ), which hosts the QEP , signed a memorandumof-understanding at the TechXLR8 Asia event in Singapore . Fortinet ’ s work with NQSN will support QEP in proof of concepts and jointly explore use cases for quantum-safe communications .


Sana Commerce , a leader in B2B e-commerce platforms , has announced it has signed an agreement to launch a new integrated e-commerce website and customer portal for leading welding solutions manufacturer , Welding Industries Australia ( WIA ).
The goal of the project is to strengthen the company ’ s existing online presence by creating a single website that provides access to everything from product details and pricing to ordering , invoicing and after-sales support . The new site will provide customers with additional self-service features and real-time data on prices , products and services . WIA has been supplying the Australian market with reliable welding products for more than 60 years .


Huawei ’ s TrackAI project – which provides visual screenings to children in various regions – aims to safeguard eyesight via early detection , allowing for timely intervention .
“ Visual impairment interferes with children ’ s general development and social lives , and it is difficult to detect , as it is very complex to examine children at a very young age with whom communication can be challenging ,” said Simon Zhang , Chief Brand Officer , Huawei Consumer Business Group .
“ The team at Huawei wants to promote an easy-to-use , portable and affordable device to help non-trained professionals identify these children early to get them medical attention , in hopes of achieving a world without visually impaired children .”
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